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Meaningful Play extends gaming beyond the screen to create positive impact on users and communities in the real-world. Our development services range from traditional 2D and 3D games to VR and NFT-based games.
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In our AR/VR, 2D/3D and Web 3.0 labs, our talented team devises dynamic solutions to our clients’ challenges across multiple platforms.

Meaningful Play adds a new and exciting capability to our suite of industry-grade solutions. Games designed around Meaningful Play stimulate skillsets such as independent decision-making that benefit players emotionally, intellectually, creatively, and in many other ways outside of the game environment.

What business use cases exist for Meaningful Play? Advertising, marketing, sales enablement, and social change projects are only some. When you combine Meaningful Play, fascinating gamification, and brand strategies or social values, you produce deep engagement that uplifts brand perception and stimulates the emotions at the heart of a social cause. In our view, Meaningful Play represents the evolution of gaming.
Meaningful Play?
We create worlds, characters and games and apps of any complexity using tools such as Unreal Engine and Unity.

Our skilled specialists design astounding visual and aural experiences for all modern platforms including mobile, PC, consoles, and VR.
Full 2D/3D

We can build your next game project from the ground up or upgrade existing assets to keep pace with the hottest gaming industry trends.

Our Web 3.0 developers will create a competent GameFi infrastructure and all related procedures. NFT Creation is also part of our skillset.
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VR, PC, Mobile, Web, blockchain
/ Dream One
VR MMO Project. A complete metaverse platform featuring entertainment, shopping, and social interaction.
A shopping platform not limited by the physics of the real world. Creators/store owners build their showrooms into a seamless metaverse ecosystem. Thanks to new technologies, hundreds of people can be online simultaneously (unlike VR-games), generating a shopping experience available to anyone on earth.
PC, Unreal Engine 4, p2e
/ Black Water

Session MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic water world.
A post-apocalyptic multiplayer game where users creatively upcycle broken parts into new game elements such as unusual costumes and modes of transportation. Black Water demonstrates how Meaningful Play impacts a player’s creativity in real life while also addressing the all-too-common fears of apocalypse that are prevalent in the modern world.
VR, Unreal Engine 4
An entertaining sci-fi VR shooter that brings friends together in a VR arcade to solve a quest.
Full immersion VR shooter. A multi-player shooter with elements of a quest in the form of a VR simulator based on Unreal Engine 4.
VR, blockchain, metaverse
/ Neon Glide

A Retrowave styled simulator that helps people with stiff necks!
Hyper-casual plane flight simulator involving an escape from a collapsing cyber city. An original project from our labs.
/ Chasing Stars Online
Space MMO. A game for the PC platform based on the Unreal Engine 4 with a planned upgrade to Unreal Engine 5.
A classic MMORPG set in the context of flight simulation. As in all MMOs, gameplay is founded on character progression and free exploration of the world, but in Chasing Stars players use aeronautical modules such as weapons, aircraft bodies, engines and much more to achieve their goals.
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We are an innovation-oriented company founded in 2017, based in Dubai, UAE. Our team of 120 developers specializes in AR/VR, Metaverse, 2D/3D and Web3.0 game development at the highest industry standards. We are obsessed with quality and creating amazing products.

We take pride in delivering world-class services to our clients and exceeding expectations. Everyone working on your project is fully dedicated to and invested in your success. We have been creating AR/VR metaverses long enough to have experienced just about everything that could happen when building in this niche. We are unlikely to make mistakes when the stakes are high and highly likely to produce a solution that exceeds your expectations.
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